Artist Statement

In am concerned with Movement, Flow and Texture in my ceramic abstract objects: I search for the illusion of the pieces being in motion, evoking phenomena we observe in riverbeds or tectonic layers.The way I achieve this is by a technique involving a very physical and strong bodily dialogue with an initial block of clay, beating, scratching, stretching, smoothing the clay, till I achieve the wanted result. “Process”is for me as important as the aesthetic result of the final piece, and I try for the piece to convey this. This process is in some ways a fast forward of what happens in nature’s eroding forces over millennia. My work of the last 8 years, having assumed those sculptural free features, is the result of years of working on the wheel, slowly abstracting the vessel into a freer style, till taking the rotating movement off the wheel completely and eventually into the realm of free clay work described above. Thus I got to my personal approach to claywork, in which finding the limits of how far clay lets itself be stretched, how far it will go with me when forming it into the desired shapes, is an essential part of my dialogue with clay.

Ester Beck , 2009

Design by: Studio 40, 054-8014040